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Aleeya and Aleexus Crowder (ELIXIR)


We are ELIXIR (Twin Sisters) stemming from Carrollton Georgia...


Elixir find great interest in the making of genuine and prolific music. Elixir's strong fascination in music began with a simple love of art. With the fondness of nature and everything else found to be pure, it wasn’t hard for these qualities to influence the way their music was made and received. Constantly sending positive and relatable messages to their audience is one of many important tasks on Elixir's agenda. Smooth vibes and good intentions throughout our mentions.


Elixir makes it a priority to send messages and positive energy through the ears of our diverse listeners. We would love for you to keep checking out our channel(pages) for new content and updates. They will be delivering so give them feedback (GOOD OR BAD) and know without a shadow of doubt that you are greatly acknowledged as our viewer.

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